The Field is a co-operative, which means it is run by and for its members, not by bosses. Being a member means having shared ownership of the project, helping to shape and support it.  Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • Free use of The Field for the group you are part of (if joining alongside a new project/group).
  • You will be able to vote on matters which influence the way The Field operates, and therefore will have a shared ownership of the project.
  • You will be part of a collaborative community committed to nonviolent, open, and caring modes of communication.
  • You will have support from the membership in starting up new projects emerging from The Field as a collective.
  • You will be invited to co-op training sessions in areas such as facilitation or fundraising.
  • You will have the chance to learn many new skills such as: website management, wiring, woodwork etc, and in general how to collectively run a space.
  • You will be part of a community of activists, and therefore it will be easier for you to get involved in other projects and campaigns based at The Field.

What is expected of me as a member of The Field Co-op?

Members are required to give an hour a week (or four hours a month) of their time to one or more of the working groups that cover different aspects involved in running The Field. These are Maintenance, Projects, Finance/Admin, Communications, Fundraising and Care. We understand that people have different access needs and are committed to making sure that there are lots of ways to participate. For example, jobs include writing the newsletter, planning workshops for The Field and promoting The Field on social media.

As well as this, members are required to come to a general meeting every month, and any meetings which may be organised within a working group. We realise that being physically present at meetings may not always be possible for members with accessibility or health issues. In this case, we will look to enable your participation via Skype, by feeding in ahead of the meetings and in any other relevant ways.

Who can be a member of The Field?

  • Anyone who shares the aims and values of The Field
  • Anyone who is able to contribute time to support The Field
  • Anyone who is prepared to work in a caring, collaborative/non-hierarchical way.
  • Anyone who is prepared to follow the guidelines of membership including our code of conduct.

How do I become a member?

  • If you are applying as an individual you will need to fill out the membership application.
  • If you are interested in running a regular group/activity at The Field, fill out an expression of interest form to tell us about it. You (or whoever is becoming a member from your group) will also need to fill out a membership application form.
  • You can find both the expression of interest and the membership application form on The Field’s website, or in paper form at The Field.
  • If there are no objections from the membership, you will be taken on an induction tour by a member of The Field who will become your mentor.
  • Based on your skills and interest, you can choose which working group you can join, and you will be expected to give one hour per week of your time to this work, as well as coming to meetings. There is a three month period of induction which is an opportunity for you to determine whether you want to be a full member of The Field co-op.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member to find out more!

Download ‘Membership’ as a pdf